Our Products

We Represent :
Laboratory Filtration Products like Filter Paper, Glass Micro fibre / Cellulose Filters, Membrane Filters, Chromatography Products, Microfilteration Products, etc
Laboratory Glassware's, Distillation Apparatus, Liquid Handling, Plastic wares
Culture Media, Lab & Reagent Chemicals, Laboratory Aids & Accessories, Bio Chemicals and Related Compounds
Liquid Handling, Finnpipettes, Cellmates, Bottle Top Dispensers, Finntips,
ART, HLT, Low Retention, Gel Loading, Reach, Solvent Safety,Tips etc MCT, PCR tubes, RNase away, DNA away
Silica Crucibles, Lids, Capsules, VM Crucibles and Stands
Laboratory Chemicals & Analytical Reagents, Bio Chemicals
Laboratory Chemicals & Analytical Reagents, High Purity Metals in Various forms,
Laboratory Chemicals & Analytical Reagents
pH / TDS / Condutivity / DO meters & testers
Certified Reference Materials for Wet Chemicals & Spectroscopic Analysis for Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals, Ferro Alloys, Ores, Dusts, Slags, Cement Refractories, Ceramic & Minerals, Chemicals, Oils etc
** Note : subject to price change by Manufacturer’s
We also deal in :
Certified Reference Materials / Standard   Samples
Merck, Fisher Chemicals and reagents
Silicon Carbide Rods
Combustion Tubes & Boats
Nickel / Platinum Crucibles
Teflon products
Zeal Thermometers

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